Welcome to The Beingness Institute Community!

The Beingness Institute aspires to present a new paradigm in collaboration, exchange, promotion, research, facilitation, teaching and learning from a group of individuals with extensive and diverse backgrounds. It has been unanimously chosen to create, develop and evolve this organization using a communal working experience without any directors. We deeply favour this most beneficial structure for all interacting, participating or contributing in any BI projects.

Here you will find more information about our network organization and some of our connected individuals. We are an international, multi-lingual group speaking 6 different languages: English, Dutch/Flemish, German, French, Czech and Polish with everyone speaking at least two.

The Facilitation, Faculty and Teaching Team

As a participant of The Beingness Institute, you will benefit from a unique approach using a communal facilitation and teaching experience in that you will explore and learn from all of the facilitators during your experience.

If you are interested in joining the Beingness Institute team in the future, please contact us. Here Sue Hewitt talks about her experience in joining BI:

Curriculum Development

Seasoned professionals from a multidisciplinary variety of modalities have been developing the Beingness Institute curriculum and are continuing to pursue the highest quality experiential, teaching environment available. It is a perpetual creative process open to the evolution of the needs of all involved. Here are some of the active consultants facilitating our curriculum development:

Marketing, Administration, Logistics, Finance, Legal & Conceptual Consultants

Consultants support our team of professionals, as required, so we can adapt to all needs being presented to us. Here are some of our active consultants:

Contact Us

If you have general questions, please feel free to contact: info@beingnessinstitute.com.