Professional Practitioner Program Overview

These programs are an offer for you to experience an integrated, innovative, multi disciplinary academic adventure that will allow you to set up your own practice starting as a Professional Healing Energy Facilitator, then as a Professional Healing Energy Therapist and finally as a Professional Healing Energy Psychotherapist.

The curriculums offer an integration of many different Subtle Energy modalities, concepts and principles that facilitate a complete holistic, caring, supportive and empowering approach to anyone’s unique developmental journey to become a professional practitioner.

You will explore and experiment different techniques to facilitate an enabling process for yourself as a healer and/or for others. Some themes will be explored with experiential exercises using meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, relaxation, movement, guided imagery, psychotherapy group process, art therapy, psychometric exercises, shamanic ritual, play therapy, positive psychology and more.

With the use of the integration of a variety body oriented psychotherapeutic modalities and concepts such as: transpersonal, humanistic, positive, psychosomatic, and parapsychological psychology concepts, Brennan Integration Work, Core Energetics, Pathwork, Hakomi, family constellation, re birthing, and subtle energy awareness techniques (to name a few), you will have the opportunity to experience conscious awareness of, and practice, your own and others subtle energy healing abilities, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal Abilities and personal development, transformation and creative wellbeing process.            

This learning experience is an interactive space of openness

to whatever may manifest during your creative adventure.

You will have different opportunities to be alone with your unique personal development accompanied by the adapted support of the facilitation teaching team as well as experimenting in group settings.

At the BI we highlight the importance of the uniqueness of each individual and

the incredible richness of everyone’s uniqueness coming together. 

This is an offer of the services of a skilled faculty and a communal teaching environment where each teacher will be teaching in all different levels of the programs offering you as many different teaching experiences as possible so you can develop and create your unique way of facilitating subtle energy.

Each school year consists of 5 on-site class weeks facilitated by an experienced team of teachers, administration and logistic staff. As a student, you are required to practice techniques and complete written papers in between the 5 on-site classes. The evaluation process is on-going through each year with techniques being practiced and evaluated in class and upon the presentation of written papers completed from in-between on-site classes clinical practice and studies. The training environment is designed to offer you the possibility of completing your education while maintaining your professional and personal life responsibilities.

These programs are specifically for people that wish to practice professionally using Healing Energy Awareness Concepts and Principles. As a graduate, you will also have the possibility to be considered a Traditional Complementary Medicine (TCM) health care practitioner by various cultures in different parts of the World as defined by the World Health Organization¹.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to:

  • Live a deepened experience of your innate healer, extra sensory perception, paranormal abilities and personal development
  • Explore and experience different innovating subtle energy facilitation techniques and experientials
  • Clarify your longing(s) for what you wish to create as a health care provider, a healer, a subtle energy facilitator
  • Let this experience illuminate your purpose in being, your reason to live
  • Experience a healthy physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual adventure
  • Live the incredible experience of the Power of your Empowered Healer Within.
¹ – The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined ancient ancestral health services around the World as Traditional Medicine (TM) or Traditional Complementary Medicine (TCM) and today’s modern medicine as Conventional Medicine. The WHO has gathered statistics clearly demonstrating that 80% of health care services in the World today are given and maintained by TCM (WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023 ISBN 978 92 4 150609 0, WHO Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data, 2013). At the BI we favour the integration of both of these medicines’ concepts and principles in our curriculum.