Professional Healing Energy therapist (PHET) – A 2-year program leading to either:

  1. A PHET Professional Practitioner diploma
  2. An accredited master’s postgraduate degree (see Future Programs)

You will be certified as a Professional Healing Energy Therapist. The PHET assessment process is focused on the development of your innate, natural Extra Sensory and Paranormal subtle energy perception. The purpose is to empower you to create your unique Healing Energy Awareness Psychotherapeutic Facilitation techniques practice*.  You will be trained to do talk therapy, counselling, coaching and group therapy.

Watch the video below for a 2-minute overview. To download a PDF presentation summary or view a slide presentation please see below.

The Professional Practitioner 2-year diploma curriculum has 1200 in-class and in-between class hours per year for a total of 2400 hours. This is the required number of hours for an accredited multi disciplinary master’s degree. 

The successful completion of the PHEF Professional Practitioner diploma or any equivalent education or life experience is required to apply for the PHET Professional Practitioner diploma.

The successful completion of the PHEF bachelor’s degree or any equivalent education or life experience is required to apply for the PHET master’s degree.

The successful completion of the PHET Professional Practitioner or master’s degree or any equivalent education or life experience is required to apply for the Professional Healing Energy Awareness Teacher (PHEAT) certificate.

The master’s degree is a pre-requisite for the Professional Healing Energy Psychotherapist (PHEP) doctoral degree.

  • Click below for more details about the Credits and Hours Distribution for the PHET program.

* The BI does not guarantee the possibility to practice in all the countries in the World. Please check the legal obligations you may need to comply with to be able to practice as a PHET in your area. 

Professional Healing Energy Therapist – First Year


As a first year student of the PHET program the focus is on letting yourself continue to deepen your subtle energy experience of who you truly are, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and transpersonally.

You will be introduced this time to Healing Energy Awareness’s subtle energy psychotherapeutic techniques enabling the psychotherapeutic facilitation of a client and group dynamics.

This is an opportunity to deepen even further your experience of embodiment, expression, living your True Self and not who you think you should be or whom you have been told you should be.

You will start the clinical practice of Healing Energy Awareness Psychotherapeutic techniques with practice clients as well as facilitating group dynamics. The focus is on exploring, discovering and creating your own unique style of subtle energy psychotherapeutic facilitation techniques.

This is a year of continued discovery through the start of a research process leading to a full research project to be completed for the end of the second year.

Professional Healing Energy Therapist – Second Year

Creation – Integration – Completion

As a second year PHET student the focus is on continuing to expand and deepen your sense of self at a World, Universal, Cosmological, Infinite, Unmanifest and Allness aspect and how to facilitate this process in others individually and in group dynamics.

This year is the continued exploration, discovery and creation of your own unique style of facilitating subtle energy psychotherapeutic techniques for yourself and for individual clients in your practice and in group dynamics settings.

You will be completing your research project.

It is the opportunity to integrate your 5 years of studies, all your life expereinces and create a process of completion for your PHET journey.

Professional Healing Energy Therapist (PHET)

PHET Program Presentation to Download – For Slides & New Video See Below

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