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Wellbeing is a Skill

According to neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson, Wellbeing is a skill that can be trained. There are 4 key components: Outlook, Resilience, Attention and Generosity. Here at the Beingness Institute, you will explore your Innate Positive Qualities, your Emotions, and your Uniqueness as well as Relational Dynamics, Self-care, Contact, Being Present, Deep Listening, Healing Energy and […]

Step into Wellbeing Experiential Workshop, June 2-3, 2018

Step into Co-Creation at the Beingness Institute: Learn more about Beingness, beyond Consciousness & Awareness Challenge your Mindsets Experience your Uniqueness  Wellbeing is a Skill: Isn’t it time to upgrade? Join us: Learn more about the power of subtle energy and to explore your extra sensory perception and paranormal abilities Invest in your personal development, […]