The creative journey of the Beingness Institute has initiated, sparked, and emanated more than one Vision. There are Visions of …

An OPENNESS to all of YOU that long to Experience Healing Energy.

Facilitating the easiest access possible to the teachings and learning of Healing Energy Awareness.

An educational institution with people exploring Healing Energy and the possibility that something completely transforming will evolve for Humanity.

Unlimited sharing, distribution and integration of Healing Energy Awareness in as many domains as possible.

A community in which everybody who is involved can learn, grow, have fun, feel safe, be inspired to be their own true person, experience the best of themselves and live their potential in and with Love for oneself, others and our World.

Complementing, innovating and contributing something totally new to the evolution of Healing Energy concepts and principles in the World.

Continued exploration, development and research through as many collaborations as possible.

An openness to all the people and projects that can facilitate and promote Healing Energy Awareness.