Step Beyond Mindfulness, Step into Beingness

Beingness is Awareness Beyond Consciousness. It is awareness of your entire existence – body, mind, emotions and spirit. You can start to approach it through meditation, but to experience your complete, unique Being you need to take it a step further.

Emotions & the Body-Mind Connection

Emotion is Energy in Motion.

When you have physical sensations connected to your emotions, you are experiencing the Body-Mind Connection.

Your body is trying to tell you something. Are you listening?

Experience more self-care and wellbeing at the Beingness Institute.

Wellbeing is a Skill

According to neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson, Wellbeing is a skill that can be trained. There are 4 key components: Outlook, Resilience, Attention and Generosity.

Here at the Beingness Institute, you will explore your Innate Positive Qualities, your Emotions, and your Uniqueness as well as Relational Dynamics, Self-care, Contact, Being Present, Deep Listening, Healing Energy and Meditation, Contemplation and Mindfulness, all of which will positively contribute to your Wellbeing.

Step into Wellbeing Experiential Workshop, June 2-3, 2018

Step into Co-Creation at the Beingness Institute:

  • Learn more about Beingness, beyond Consciousness & Awareness

  • Challenge your Mindsets

  • Experience your Uniqueness 

Wellbeing is a Skill: Isn’t it time to upgrade?

Join us:

  • Learn more about the power of subtle energy and to explore your extra sensory perception and paranormal abilities
  • Invest in your personal development, transformation and wellbeing
  • Deepen and strengthen healing skills as a professional practitioner or therapist in either hands-on healing & subtle energy facilitation or for psycho dynamic process facilitation

Whether you are on a personal quest to bring more wellbeing into your life or you would like to become a professional healer/facilitator/therapist, this weekend will be an opportunity to give yourself the gift of learning how to integrate Healing Energy and Subtle Energy awareness and facilitation into your life.

This weekend is designed to allow self-growth, healing and profound inspiration.

Workshop Price: €190 for Early Bird Registration until April 30, 2018

From May 1, 2018: €230

Enjoy a Free Healing Energy Weekend Experience !

You are welcome to join for FREE a Healing Energy Weekend Experience!

Saturday, April 8 and Sunday, April 9, 2017 in Sanremo, Italy


Are you longing to be able to learn more about the power of Healing Energy?

Are you curious about Healing Energy and how this can help you facilitate your personal development?

Are you interested in deepening and strengthening your healing skills as a professional therapist?

You are invited and welcome to join this open experience that has been especially created for you to explore Healing Energy.

Whether you are on a personal quest or would like to become a professional healer, this weekend is an opportunity to give yourself the gift of your own unique style of integrating Healing Energy into your life.

This is a new program, which is designed to allow self-growth, healing and profound inspiration.

There are 4 themes to explore:

  1. Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing
  2. Advanced Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing
  3. Professional Healing Energy Awareness Facilitator
  4. Professional Healing Energy Awareness Therapist

For more details about each of these themes please click on the subject above.


Friday, April 7, 2017 (for early arrivals)

18:00-22:00 – Registration, Optional Dinner, Guided Meditation & Informal Get Together

Saturday, April 8, 2017

8:00-8:30 – Registration

8:30-18:00 – Healing Energy Experience including 2 hours for lunch

20:00-22:00 – Optional Evening Activities

Sunday, April 9, 2017

7:00-7:45 – Optional Energy Dynamics in Movement

8:30-16:30 – Healing Energy Experience including 1.5 hours for lunch


The purpose of this weekend experience is to offer you a free experiential preview of what the Beingness Institute is all about. Since different benefactors are sponsoring this weekend, there are no participant fees for the weekend. All other expenses, such as travel, food and lodging, are each participant’s responsibility.

Since this weekend experience is FREE and there are a limited number of spaces, a €100 deposit is required to reserve your place. This deposit will be reimbursed in cash when you register on Friday night or Saturday morning. Your registration will only be considered complete and your place reserved upon the receipt of both the registration form and this deposit.

IMPORTANT: If you cancel your reservation before March 8, your reimbursement will be made by bank transfer with a €10 administration charge. If you cancel between March 8 and March 28, the administration fee is €50. If you cancel after March 28 or do not come to the weekend experience, your deposit will not be reimbursed. All funds not reimbursed will be added to contribute to scholarships offered for future students attending the BI.

The €100 deposit shall be made by wire transfer to the below account, unless other arrangements are made:

IBAN: AT32 3460 8000 0007 5804 / BIC: RZOOAT2L608

The Beingness Institute – Financial Arts Management Consulting GmbH

Klimtstrasse 7

4863 Seewalchen a. Attersee, Austria

 If you wish to register now please follow this link: Registration Form


Grand Hotel & Des Anglais
Salita Grand Albergo, 8

18038 Sanremo IM, Italy

Telephone: +39.0184.667.840


Sanremo Train Station: 2.5 km from hotel

Airports: 60 km from Nice or 140 km from Genoa


Melina Fuhrmann

Renata Berezowski

Bernhard Strauch

Marion Pierschkalla

Elke Rath

Alain Grouette

Wibke Drobbe

Stefanie Winter

Jasper Buschgens

Jan Janssen


For more information please contact:


Looking forward to seeing you in April.

New Program Announcement

Apply for a Scholarship

The Beingness Institute will be offering 3 Scholarships for the academic year 2017-2018 as follows:

  1. € 1.000 for 1 person registering for the Professional Healing Energy Facilitator (PHEF) Program
  2. € 1.000 for 1 person registering for the Professional Healing Energy Therapist (PHET) Program
  3. € 1.000 for 1 person registering for the Personal Development, Transformation & Wellbeing (PDTW) Program

If you would like to be considered for one of the scholarships, please submit a 1000-word essay on why you are registering for the Beingness Institute program that you have chosen and send it to the attention of Scholarship Committee at prior to August 1, 2017.