Certificate Programs Overview

At the Beingness Institute we offer professionals different programs such as a specialized Healing Energy Awareness Teacher program and a full series of exciting Continuing Education certificates.

The Healing Energy Awareness Teacher program is part of an initial offering in September 2017.

The Continuing Education certificates will be announced in the near future.


Professional Healing Energy Awareness Teacher Certificate

This is a one-year internship program. As a Teacher-in-Training intern you will be integrated into the faculty activities observing, supporting, assessing and evaluating students or participants in all the BI programs as well as doing supervised teaching. You will be mentored and evaluated by the senior teachers of the faculty throughout the school year.

This certificate will allow you to eventually possibly teach at the BI depending on student and faculty movement, and needs. This certificate will qualify you as a teacher specialized in teaching Healing Energy Awareness.


Continuing Education

Healing Energy Awareness Continuing Education Certificates offer an integration of many different modalities that facilitate a complete holistic, caring, supportive and empowering approach to anyone’s unique developmental journey to maintain a high level of quality in your professional practice or Life.

These certificates will be offered as weekend or 5-day workshops.