Elke Rath

Elke is a certified “Heilpraktiker” and she runs her own practice as energy healer and homeopath for the past 20 years. She offers private sessions, also on Skype and is running meditation courses in hospitals and in her healing practice. She recently started taping her channeled meditations in order to spread what is received by the Divine. Three years ago, Elke started succesfully teaching her own style of energy medicine in year programs.

She is passionate about the Divine and getting in contact with it, expressing it.  Be it in healing, in meditation, in teaching or channeling meditations,  chanting or drumming. She loves to support people who are just existing but not yet fully living their lives.  Empowering people to find their own strength inside and help bring it into the world is her goal. As a healer, she loves to support people to walk into a positive future and release all that is old, heavy and negative. Elke does this with a tremdenous amount of love and compassion and an eagerness to help and support. She holds the longing to cross national and cultural borders, bring nations together and help us remember that we all belong to one human family.

Elke speaks both German and English.

Please contact Elke at elke.rath@beingnessinstitute.com.

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