Uniqueness – Subtle Energy Beingness

Humanity’s history has described each human being or sentient being, and all that is manifested or not manifested, as a unique expression of subtle energy. Each human being has unique, innate, natural abilities and qualities.

  • Individuation: Healing Energy Awareness recognizes the quality of the “destiny” of each human being which is to connect with your “true self” and experience, express, and live your uniqueness. Individuation is a unique expression of subtle energy in the human realm. Each human being experiences subtle energy in their unique way.
  • Individuality: HEA honours, facilitates and promotes clarity in any individual to experience, embody and presence your “uniqueness” and explore how this uniqueness relates to society, the human realm, the universe, the cosmos, the un manifest, infinity and Allness. This is what the Beingness Institute considers as a Healing Energy Awareness Experience.
  • Uniqueness:

– HEA recognizes that anyone having a “spiritual experience” will always describe their experience in their own unique way; i.e. a child usually expresses its experience from its child perspective; a non-cognitive person or being may express its experience in physical movement, a change in electromagnetic activity, through telepathic contact or other paranormal ways.

  • amancecer-playa

– HEA affirms that a spiritual experience or any experience can always be expressed in a change of subtle energy dynamics in any given situation.

– HEA considers the hypothesis that Human beings incarnate to live and express their unique innate qualities.

The Beingness Institute’s main objective is to facilitate your personal experience and expression of Your Uniqueness through positive psychology, creativity, play, movement, meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, subtle energy facilitation techniques and a most interesting variety of personal development modalities.