Consciousness, Awareness, Beingness, Well-Beingness

Conventional modern science’s definition of “consciousness” is mostly related to cognitive abilities. Very few sciences refer to consciousness as something also possible beyond cognitive abilities. In this case some psychological modalities may talk about “altered states of consciousness.” These modalities are most often considered non-conventional such as transpersonal type psychologies or parapsychology. History has clearly described in many different ways or at least has tried to express and/or demonstrate that subtle energy is beyond consciousness. Therefore, it would seem somehow limiting to use the term consciousness in relationship to subtle energy. HEA suggests the use of the concept of “States of Beingness” or “States of Being” which it defines scientifically as different frequencies of subtle energy. Exploring different States of Beingness can give you a chance to establish, maintain or enhance your “Well-Beingness”. The exploration journey in itself can be a creative healing process for “Wellness”.

  • Consciousness: “Consciousness” is “Being” with the use of our cognitive abilities. HEA considers that there are different states of “consciousness” and refers to “Awareness” and “Beingness” rather than “Consciousness” which it considers as one possible state of being among many. The purpose of referring to “Awareness” and “Beingness” rather than “consciousness” is to assure the integration of all non-cognitive beings, matter and/or non-matter in a healing process.
  • Awareness: HEA’s definition of subtle energy awareness includes cognitive abilities as well as “Awareness beyond cognition.” HEA develops, teaches and facilitates perceiving, sensing, feeling, experiencing, observing, analyzing, describing, presencing and facilitating subtle energy beyond the concept of cognitive abilities. The focus is on awareness of all the different frequencies, waves and expressions of subtle energy.
  • Beingness: There is an infinity of States of Being. “Beingness” is beyond “Consciousness” and “Awareness”. Through HEA you will experience the following themes for experiential, learning, personal development, transformation and wellbeing purposes. These are different “States of Being” that have been explored and described by various modalities relating to subtle energy. In academia and science, this exploration is often related to ontological principles. They are briefly described here using research information gathered for their presentation from a HEA perspective. Each State of Being has its own unique Healing Energy Awareness dynamic, its own unique subtle energy expression. There is much more to explore for each of these elements, no doubt. The basic principle of “Beingness” is quite easy; if you simply let yourself “Be”, your subtle energy flowing naturally without any distortions, stops, blocks, control or deviations, “Well-Beingness” can then manifest itself effortlessly.

States of Beingness

For the purpose of introducing, teaching and exploring some concepts and principles of “States of Beingness”, Healing Energy Awareness recognizes and specializes in the facilitation of experiencing these following States of Being:

Human Beingness

The human body is a unique expression of the manifestation of subtle energy. This subtle energy can be experienced in the human body as:

  • A biological, physiological, and anatomy aspect of physical beingness, a somatic sense of beingness
  • The physical sensations of mental, rational, logical, emotional, ego, psychological, psycho dynamic, sexual, spiritual and a personality type cognitive sense of beingness
  • A non-egoic, non-cognitive, non-dual aspect of physicality in relationship to Allness (the physical experience of spirituality)
  • An ontological, ethological aspect of physical beingness
  • A physical experience of the transpersonal self.

Electromagnetic Field (Aura) Beingness

Quantum physics clearly defines a difference between the Human Electromagnetic Field (HEMF) of matter, which is measurable by scientific instruments, and Subtle Energy (SE), which is not measurable. HEA considers both “energies” and the possibility of any other kinds of “energies”. HEA recognizes that ESP and PA and subtle energy facilitation techniques are a natural and innate manifestation of this state of beingness. Therefore, EF beingness is the experience of:

  • The EF aspects of the human body and all in the cosmos
  • The EF bodies emanating and radiating in and from the physical body into infinity, as well as for all manifested and non manifested matter
  • Extra sensory perception and paranormal abilities experienced in relationship to the EF vortices (chakras), layers (levels) and dimensions, the 12 major meridians and acupuncture points, and the infinite radiance of the human EF:
    • HEA recognizes that throughout human history the configuration of the EF dynamics in human beings and all have been described in many different ways. One objective result of this human phenomenon is that all descriptions over history describe the same thing: subtle energy.
  • The extra sensory and paranormal aspects of the physical, mental, rational, logical, emotional, ego, psychological, psycho dynamic, sexual, spiritual and personality self
  • The extra sensory and paranormal experience of the metaphysical, transpersonal self.

Unique, Intended, Purposed, Destined, Effortless Beingness

HEA recognizes that there is purpose in incarnating in the human realm for each human being. This state of beingness is experienced as:

  • The aspects of incarnation commonly called destiny (the purpose of incarnation, the divine plan), individuation (one’s uniqueness), life tasks (karma, lessons to be learned, experiences to be lived), longings (essential qualities to be expressed, passion), the capacity to physically manifest
  • The first sense of manifestation in the human realm where duality (positive and negative intention) begins
  • The sense of effortless intention, effortless manifestation
  • The sense of being, without having anything to do, simple effortless beingness
  • The sense of being with no emotions
  • The sense of connection from the universe into the human plane and vice versa, the bridge between manifest and unmanifest
  • The extra sensory and paranormal sense of the purpose of being human.

Essence, “Pure Energy” Beingness

HEA recognizes that each human being in its simplest form is pure energy. This pure energy can be experienced as:

  • An innate natural creative flow of manifestation coming through our physical being and into the physical realm:
    • HEA supports the concept that this creative process is the expression of all the qualities that we are on Earth to experience and express through our destiny, longings, life tasks and physical manifestation.
    • Letting this innate creative energy simply “be” is a healing in itself.
  • The first manifestation of beingness from the realm of Allness through Infinity and the Unmanifest expressed in the form of an egg-shaped infinity of filaments, rays of light, beaming like a star
  • The sense of and connection to pure undistorted, unaltered energy
  • The sense of non-dual existence
  • The bridge between ineffable Allness, Infinity, and Unmanifest Beingness, and Effortless, Auric, Physical  Beingness.

Unmanifest Beingness

HEA recognizes that human beings are an infinite source of unmanifested energy as well as a manifested material physical being. The unmanifested state of beingness can be experienced as:

  • An infinite source of energy not yet manifested
  • A sense of infinite possibilities of manifestation and creation
  • A sense of the possibility to experience something completely new never experienced before in the Human realm.

Infinite Beingness

HEA recognizes that all matter is also an infinite expression of subtle energy. There is an Infinity of  Subtle Energy. This state of beingness can be experienced as:

  • A sense of having no boundaries, no container
  • A sense of never ending expansion while being physically aware
  • A sense of an infinite source of energy
  • Universal “consciousness,” awareness, beingness.

Allness Beingness

HEA recognizes that “All is All.” This is the concept of wholeness. This state of being can be experienced as:

  • Having the sense of being unique, everything and nothing at the same time
  • Having the sense of being manifested and unmanifested at the same time
  • A sense of physicality, personality ego self, emotional self, sexual self, purpose, uniqueness, emptiness, infiniteness, nothingness, omniscience, ubiquity, eternity, timelessness, no space, entelechy, enlightenment, felicity, all at the same time.