Future Programs

This is just a beginning for the Beingness Institute. There are continued requests for accredited bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degree programs, different Continuing Education topics, weekend and 5-days workshops as well as introductory presentations for a Healing Energy Awareness Experience. Here is a sample of what is envisioned for the future.



Accredited Curriculum

The following accredited programs are being completed:

  • Professional Healing Energy Facilitator (PHEP) as a Bachelor’s degree
  • Professional Healing Energy Therapist (PHEP) as a Master’s degree
  • Professional Healing Energy Psychotherapist (PHEP) as a PhD degree



Continuing Education

Many different modules for professionals wishing to specialize in specific techniques or modalities are planned to be offered in the near future. Here are some examples:

  • Medical training:
    • Healing Energy Awareness of Anatomy and Physiology
    • Different disease processes
    • How to work with medical doctors / in hospitals
    • Healing Energy Awareness of Pathology
    • Internship in hospitals
  • Traveling Healing team
  • How to build a practice
  • How to bring Healing Energy Awareness Concepts and Principles into schools, business, politics, …
  • Research Projects




A full series of weekend and 5-day workshops is planned to be announced in the near future. Some of these may be held during some of the school weeks in Italy.