Continuing Education

As with our Accredited Programs our Healing Energy Awareness Continuing Education Certificates offer an integration of many different modalities that facilitate a complete holistic, caring, supportive and empowering approach to anyone’s unique developmental journey to maintain a high level of quality in their professional practice or their lives.

Participants will explore and experiment an integration of different Subtle Energy models, concepts and techniques to facilitate an enabling process for themselves as a healer and/or for others. Some themes will be explored with experiential exercises using meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, relaxation, movement, psychotherapy group process, art therapy, psychometric exercises, shamanic ritual, play therapy, positive psychology and more.

With the use of the integration of a variety body oriented psychotherapeutic modalities and concepts such as; transpersonal, humanistic, positive, psychosomatic, and parapsychological psychology concepts, Brennan Integration Work, Core Energetics, Pathwork, Hakomi, play therapy, family constellation, re birthing, and subtle energy awareness psychotherapeutic techniques (to name a few), participants will have the opportunity to experience conscious awareness of, and practice, their own and others subtle energy healing abilities, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal Abilities and personal development, transformation and creative wellbeing process.

These Continuing Education Certificates will usually be offered as weekend or 5-day workshops integrated with the in-class 5 weeks school year.

Here is a sample of possible themes we plan to offer:

  • Integrating HEA into schools
  • Integrating HEA into the medical field
  • Integrating HEA into business
  • Integrating HEA into arts
  • Integrating HEA into politics
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Group Facilitation Techniques
  • Introduction to HEA

These learning experiences are an interactive space of openness

to whatever may manifest during each creative adventure.

Participants will have different opportunities to be alone with their unique personal development accompanied by the adapted support of our facilitation team as well as experimenting in group settings. At the BI we highlight the importance of the uniqueness of each individual and the incredible richness of everyone’s uniqueness coming together.

We offer the services of skilled facilitators and staff within a communal learning environment where each teacher will be teaching in all different levels of our programs offering participants as many different teaching experiences as possible so each person can develop and create their unique way of facilitating subtle energy.