In this section you will find the global schedule overview and detailed schedules for each theme that were offered April 7-9 in Sanremo, Italy. There was an incredible level of excitement with a great diversity of subjects and segments that were explored during the weekend.

The schedules were adapted to the Sanremo Italian Riviera style of life and restaurant hours.

This was an open weekend, so each participant was free to participate or not in any of the segments and/or activities offered.

Some segments included all the participants. Other segments were specific to each group.


Friday, April 7, 2017 (for early arrivals)

18:00-22:00 – Registration, Optional Dinner, Guided Meditation & Informal Get Together

Saturday, April 8, 2017

8:30-9:00 – Registration

9:00-19:00 – Healing Energy Experience including 2 hours for lunch

20:00-22:00 – Optional Evening Activities

Sunday, April 9, 2017

7:30-8:15 – Optional Energy Dynamics in Movement

9:00-17:00 – Healing Energy Experience including 1.5 hours for lunch


There were detailed schedules for each group with different segments and activities suggested for the weekend. These were proposed schedules and remained open to participants needs in the moment. Breaks were included in the segment times.

For a detailed scheduled for each of the 4 themes offered:

  1. Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing PDTW
  2. Advanced Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing APDTW
  3. Professional Healing Energy Awareness Facilitator PHEF
  4. Advanced Professional Healing Energy Awareness Therapist APHET

Please click on the file link below:

Personal Development Exploration Themes

       PDTW Weekend Schedule                                                     APDTW Weekend Schedule

PDTW ICON Weekend Experience Schedule                                      APDTW ICON Weekend Experience Schedules

Professional Practitioner Themes

       PHEF Weekend Schedule                                                    APHET Weekend Schedule

PHEF ICON Weekend Experience Schedule                                        PHET ICON Weekend Experience Schedule