Healing Energy Awareness Experience

The foundation of the Beingness Institute’s experiential offer is based on many years of research, teaching, practice and involvement in the fields of “healing”, “energy”, science, psychology, philosophy, sociology, spirituality, wellbeing, self development and helping others. This foundation’s creative process revealed concepts and principles of what is presented here as “Healing Energy Awareness (HEA)”. The purpose of these concepts and principles is not to be received as a proprietary model to teach, learn or execute but rather as an experience to be lived by everyone in each our very unique way.

The following section is an attempt to describe the basis of Healing Energy Awareness Concepts and Principles, using scientific, academic and common language .

Healing Energy Awareness facilitates, promotes and honours clarity for you to experience, embody and presence your “uniqueness” and explore how this uniqueness relates to the Human realm, the Universe, the Cosmos, the Unmanifest, Infinity and Allness.

Welcome to the Healing Energy Awareness Experience.

  1. Healing Energy Awareness Premise

Healing Energy Awareness is based on Physics and Quantum Physics sciences that affirm: “All” is “energy”. This energy is mostly referred to as “subtle energy”. It exists and is connected in a timeless, space less, omniscient, ubiquitous, holographic, egoless, ineffable way. This is a premise since physics and quantum physics sciences have scientific studies proving these statements. This “energy” is called “subtle energy” because it is impossible to measure by any existing scientific instrument.

  1. Healing Energy Awareness Hypothesis

HEA affirms that; with intention it is possible to facilitate subtle energy into a manifestation of healing development, transformation, transcendence and wellbeing. It seems this statement needs to be considered a hypothesis since there is much controversy about scientific research and data concerning the concept of “intention”. 

  1. Healing Energy Awareness Facilitation Techniques

The action” that supports the premise and hypothesis of HEA is defined, presented and suggested here as “facilitation techniques”. These two words are used specifically for their semantic and common language value.

The word “facilitation” means: the process of making something easy or easier and it has as synonyms; easing, simplification, enablement, empowerment, enabling, assistance, help, expedition, acceleration. All of these words seem to correspond more specifically to the “effortless intention and beingness” concepts of subtle energy. Furthermore, these words integrate the notion of the ease of empowerment when letting subtle energy simply “be”. Facilitation has been chosen instead of the word “support” because the word support can imply that a practitioner is “doing” something for a person. This can be seen or experienced as a form of disempowerment. Some of the definitions of the word support clearly identify this: keep something or somebody stable, bear weight, and sustain somebody financially. The purpose of healing energy facilitation techniques is to have a person experience their own unique creative healing abilities without the facilitator “doing it” for them.

The word “technique” is used rather than “skill” because the word technique includes the concept of a skill; procedure or skill required, treatment of basics, skill possessed, and special ability. As well it includes the concept of “ability”. The word “skill” on the other hand implies training or having to do something well. HEA recognizes that subtle energy can be experienced by anyone, anything or no-thing and techniques, skills, abilities to facilitate subtle energy are innate and training or cognitive abilities are not always necessarily needed to express these abilities.

All techniques introduced, explored, covered and practiced are from many different models such as the in-person laying of hands (hands-on-healing chelation, energy balancing), or distant healing, energy surgery, cord healings, past life healing, destiny healing, dream healing, etc. The purpose in teaching specific techniques is to facilitate your apprenticeship by concentrating and mastering the actual physics and mechanics of subtle energy dynamics (i.e. inducing, charging, clearing, balancing, synchronizing, expanding, restructuring, etc.) so that you can develop your own specific techniques as needed. Subtle energy is a new creation in each moment. The goal is to facilitate the development of your unique ability to create the technique needed in the moment for yourself and/or a client.

Healing Energy Awareness Techniques:

  • Integrated Techniques: Healing Energy Awareness is a collection of physical, emotional, spiritual, hands-on, somatic, psychotherapeutic, extra sensory, paranormal, transpersonal, humanistic, ecological, shamanic, mystical, play, creativity, positive, meditation, contemplation, mindfulness … techniques designed and integrated to accomplish the facilitation of healthy subtle energy dynamics and states of being for the purpose of wellbeing.
  • Psychotherapeutic techniques: HEA’s unique aspect of psychotherapeutic process facilitation is the emphasis on tracking and analyzing the subtle energy dynamics of a situation to determine a psychotherapeutic Healing Energy Awareness response if needed in the moment. There are specific psychological dynamics that correspond to specific subtle energy dynamics. These have been determined and described many times throughout the history of Humanity with the use of  a combination of psychological modalities, Extra Sensory Perception and Paranormal Abilities.
  • Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and Paranormal Abilities (PA): HEA concepts and principles include ESP and PA techniques such as; telekinesis, non-local (distance) facilitation, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, kinaesthesia, emotions, intuition, clairaudience, guidance, smell, taste, vision, metaphors, symbolism, mysticism, shamanism, sacred geometry, direct knowing, archetypes, … The professional development and practice of ESP and PA techniques expands awareness beyond the physical, cognition, and/or ego concepts, to energetically experience all human beings with or without cognitive abilities as well as all other beings, matter and/or non-matter. ESP and PA subtle energy awareness enables the possibility to professionally and objectively analyse a situation and be clear of a possible Healing Energy Awareness response if and when needed.