Integrative Programs


Everyone is unique. We all experience subtle energy in each our unique way. From a scientific perspective, all matter and everything else in the cosmos has a unique vibrational frequency. This has guided the creation of the Beingness Institute’s programs and activities to present you with as many models, concepts, principles, theories, hypothesis and settings as possible. This procedure is established for each theme identified as being the Beingness Institute Essentials. The BI’s foundation is focused on an integrative style. By presenting you as many models as possible, the wish is to help you feel, find, and resonate with some of these to help you become clear about your own unique experience of subtle energy and its possibilities for development, transformation and wellbeing for yourself and/or others around you.

You will be accompanied in your distinctive journey by a team of facilitators that are dedicated to help you confirm for yourself what your exceptional subtle energy experiences are.

Collective Experience

The Beingness Institute is a collective creation. The BI’s curriculum/programs/activities have been informed/influenced through a wide range of models and concepts. The integration of this collective experience, complemented with specific subtle energy research from the last 5 years, is the foundation of the Beingness Institute’s Professional and Open Programs, and all its activities.

he BI team is dedicated to continuing exploring, researching, learning, maintaining and evolving the Beingness Institute’s proposals.

For a list of some combined experiences the BI team gathered through their life as students, teachers, facilitators, presenters, speakers, creators, professional practitioners and/or healers, workshops leaders or participants, supervisors, consultants or from personal research, you may click on the Life Experience picture.

General References

Subtle Energy offers infinite possibilities of exploration. The communal experience gathered to bring together the BI programs and activities has been acquired from many books, manuals, web sites, workshops, and so on. For your personal benefit, click on the picture for a list of some of these General References.

Scientific Research References

The BI curriculum and activities are an integration of many scientific, academic, esoteric, cultural, mystical, psychological, philosophical, sociological, metaphysical and many other research data.

The Scientific Research References and Articles picture is a partial list supporting subtle energy concepts and principles.


Amongst different cross-cultural realities of Humanity, from ancient times to our modern World, subtle energy has many different terminologies. It is the BI’s intention to present you as many different aspects of subtle energy from scientific, academic, esoteric and common languages’ vocabulary as well as the correspondences between each.

The Glossary picture is a collection of words with each a brief definition. These words are an integral part of the Beingness Institute programs and activities.

Perpetual Updates

New subtle energy experiences, discoveries, and revelations are continuously emerging from this Wonderful World, the Cosmos and the Unmanifest. The information about subtle energy and its healing aspects is in constant movement and is revisited and revised by the BI team on a regular basis. As a participant of any BI program or activity you are invited to contribute to any of these References lists and Glossary.