20140718_204816-jasperJasper Buschgens

Jasper is an open minded man with a deep curiosity for life, science, nature and reality itself. While having a PhD in Mathematics, having graduated in Gestalt-psychotherapy and from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Brennan Integration Practitioner, he aims to live his daily life being IN the world and engaging with it in a positive, healthy and ordinary way.

He has a deep fascination with:

  • the interaction of consiousness and the physical (psycho-somatic illnesses)
  • ancient spiritual practices
  • living a fulfilling, yet, simple life

He incorporates this in his teaching and in his work as a therapist.

Currently, he lives with his family in Amsterdam, working as a corporate manager at a global insurance company while also having a therapeutic practice. He has been a professional trainer for companies/groups and individuals from 2002-2007, offering trainings on a variety of topics (ranging from non-violent communication, group-dynamics, effective teamwork, personal power, character structures, etc.)
He likes contact to be open-hearted, playful, authentic, and creative, while being true to the depth of What Is.
Jasper speaks both Dutch and English.