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The Open Programs are an invitation for you to expand your awareness for what it means to be a living, human being. It addresses the fact that we are complex living creatures, existing and expressing ourselves on various levels at the same time. As such we have physical experiences, psychological processes, transpersonal moments, which are possible to come to know and be recognized from a subtle energy perspective. The basic principle of subtle energy is to identify in the moment if an experience is energy giving, energy depleting or neutral. This simple exercise can be healing in itself.

The Open Programs are for anyone wishing to explore his or her inner and outer physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

There is a natural quest in human beings to attempt to fulfil all our basic needs. This is an innate longing of the Human Spirit. Joining an Open Program will enable you to be with a group of people with a common intention or goal. The BI experience is a sacred space to journey through your Physical Survival needs, your needs for Safety, Belonging, Self-esteem, Self-Fulfilment and Self-Transcendence. Travelling through these needs is a healing path.

These programs are “Open” in the sense that there is no certificate of completion or diploma to be worked for or received. This is a personal experience of self-care and wellness. There are no in-between class studies or requirements. Nevertheless, the Open Programs offer you a proposed integrated collection of teachings, experiential learning, meditation and practices based on Healing Energy Awareness Concepts and Principles. Healing Energy Awareness honours, facilitates and promotes clarity within your deepest being so you may experience, embody and presence your “uniqueness” and explore how your uniqueness relates to society, the human realm, the universe, the cosmos, the unmanifest, infinity and Allness. This is the Healing Energy Awareness Experience. 

These programs are open to you individually and/or group specific needs as they will unfold moment-to-moment during this Life experience. As an Open Program participant, you are always free to join or leave any activity or the program at your leisure.

There are two possibilities of open programs;

1. A Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing (PDTW) Program

This is a 1-year cycle of five weeks of five days each per year.

This program is for anyone with little or no psychotherapeutic experience doing personal development process.

2. An Advanced Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing (APDTW) Program

This is a 2-year cycle of five weeks of five days each per year. Participants do not need to commit to 2 years. This is an open program. Participants are free to join or leave the program at their leasure.

This program is for anyone with advanced individual and group psychotherapeutic experience doing personal development process.

These open experiences are an integration of many different themes, models, concepts, principles and settings that facilitate a complete holistic, caring, supportive and empowering approach to your unique developmental and transformational journey so you may maintain a high level of quality in your Life and/or professional practice. You will be encouraged and supported to explore a balance of positive and negative life experience analysis, identification and evolution as based in Positive Psychology principles.

You will have the opportunity to explore an integration of different Subtle Energy models, concepts, principles and settings to facilitate an enabling process on your journey to create wellbeing. Some themes will be explored with experiential exercises using meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, the physics and mechanics of subtle energy facilitation, relaxation, movement, guided imagery, psychometric exercises, shamanic ritual, healings and more.

With the use of the integration of a variety of Body Oriented Psychotherapeutic modalities and concepts such as; psychotherapy group process, art and play therapy, transpersonal, humanistic, positive, psychosomatic, and parapsychological psychology concepts, Brennan Integration Work, Core Energetics, Pathwork, Hakomi, family constellation, re birthing, and psycho dynamic subtle energy awareness techniques, you will have the opportunity to experience conscious awareness of, and practice, your own and others personal development, transformation and creative wellbeing process. This is a healing gift to yourself.