Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing (PDTW)

This program is for anyone wishing to explore his or her inner and outer physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. It is open in the sense that there is no certificate of completion or diploma to be worked for or received. This is a personal experience of self-care. The experience will go where you or the group wants to go and will be developed with the group’s creative energy, according to the group’s needs. It will address all major experiences of life and will be explored from different perspectives with many styles from each facilitator’s various backgrounds. As we are programmed to store information from our past experience we are bringing history into each moment of our current life. This affects, colours, coalesces with our perception, our self-awareness and how we are able to meet or be present in the moment and from where to create life. Over the course of this year you will explore how all of this is interwoven, the interrelatedness and the many dynamics this has in relationship to yourself, to others, the world, the universe.

This is a 1-year cycle of five segments of 5-day on-site class weeks from September through June.

This program is for anyone with little or no individual or group psychotherapeutic experience doing personal development process.

Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing


As a PDTW participant the focus is on letting yourself discover the subtle energy of who you truly are, physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually, spiritually and transpersonally. The Essence of being is not always obvious to experience, embody and live. Healing Energy Awareness can be a sacred journey for you to facilitate your own sense of being.

You will be introduced to Healing Energy Awareness Concepts and Principles, its subtle energy facilitation techniques, and its psychotherapeutic personal development, transformation and wellbeing process.

This is a year of self-discovery and the witnessing of others realizing who they are. It is a year of discovering the other. It is a year of contemplation of self in relationship to all.

You will have the opportunity to experience, embody, express, live your True Self and not who you think you should be or whom you have been told you should be.

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