Step into Wellbeing Experiential Workshop, June 2-3, 2018

Step into Co-Creation at the Beingness Institute:

  • Learn more about Beingness, beyond Consciousness & Awareness

  • Challenge your Mindsets

  • Experience your Uniqueness 

Wellbeing is a Skill: Isn’t it time to upgrade?

Join us:

  • Learn more about the power of subtle energy and to explore your extra sensory perception and paranormal abilities
  • Invest in your personal development, transformation and wellbeing
  • Deepen and strengthen healing skills as a professional practitioner or therapist in either hands-on healing & subtle energy facilitation or for psycho dynamic process facilitation

Whether you are on a personal quest to bring more wellbeing into your life or you would like to become a professional healer/facilitator/therapist, this weekend will be an opportunity to give yourself the gift of learning how to integrate Healing Energy and Subtle Energy awareness and facilitation into your life.

This weekend is designed to allow self-growth, healing and profound inspiration.

Workshop Price: €190 for Early Bird Registration until April 30, 2018

From May 1, 2018: €230

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