Testimonials from Participants & Team Members

“I love being here. It’s a very nice combination of many things. There is a lot of process work, so it is possible to deal with personal issues in a very caring and loving environment. Also, I love experimenting with extended senses or what is beyond normal sensing.”

– Ragnar, Personal Development, Transformation & Wellbeing Open Program Participant from Estonia

“It is full of the most amazing surprises and the most wonderful experiences… I have waited for so long to be able to be in such a wonderful group and have the experience we had this week… Just come with a very open mind!”  

– Sue Hewitt, Facilitator from Brighton, England, U.K.

“I experienced new parts of myself… a challenging journey to be in… But, it felt really rich to explore new things in myself that feel real important to be with…”

– Yara, Professional Healing Energy Facilitator 3-year Program Participants from The Netherlands

“We feel as a student a part of the institute… It feels so unified for me. The Beingness Institute helps me to travel with the souls of people, even with myself…  I love to be here.” 

– Narin, Professional Healing Energy Therapist 2-year Program Participant from Istanbul, Turkey

“I felt at home, the feeling of being at home… I missed this environment… we create it here…”

– Andreja, Professional Healing Energy Therapist 2-year Advanced Program Participant from Slovenia

Images and Sharing from participants and team members from 2017-18: