portait1Wibke Drobbe

Wibke is passionate about being in deep contact with people, nature and animals. She loves to find a sense of freedom, meaning, authenticity and being in life, in the moment.

Since 2008, Wibke works in a private practice as energy healer and process facilitator in Holland, Iceland and now in Germany, in Berlin.

She gives workshops in different countries about personal development, communication, team-building, embodiment, etc.

In her work she supports people to find and create a safe space of love, freedom and peace to take the next step on their path to a more fullfilled life. She knows from her own experience that in this complex and challenging time it can be helpfull to slow down and pay attention to the inner world with patience and compassion.

From 1997 until 2015, Wibke worked as a youth social worker with children and adults with a handicap both in groups and in one-on-one situations within different institutions.

In 1999, she followed her longing to be on the water and embrace the power of nature and worked 5 years as mate and skipper on sailing ships.

Wibke speaks German, English, Dutch and some Icelandic.

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