The Beingness Institute

Exploring, Experiencing, Developing, Researching, Promoting, Teaching, and Integrating
the benefits of Healing Energy Awareness in as many domains as possible for the wellbeing of all.

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The Beingness Institute

“Perceiving, sensing, feeling, experiencing, observing, analyzing, describing, presencing and facilitating

Healing Energy Awareness for the purpose of wellbeing.”

The Beingness Institution (BI) is an organization that aims and continues to research, develop, teach, promote, and integrate the benefits of subtle energy facilitation in as many domains as possible.

This Healing Energy Awareness expertise can be integrated in everything, whether it may be health, business, research, arts, science, ecology, psychotherapy, nutrition, emotions, religion, politics, spirituality, education, medicine, sports, cosmology, …

In YOU and in all of us resides an innate, natural state of beingness that effortlessly aspires wellbeing. Experiencing, embodying and presencing this creative subtle energy is a transforming journey in itself.

This is an innovating learning environment that offers you the possibility to explore your innate, natural abilities to facilitate wellbeing for yourself and for others.

You can become an expert at perceiving, sensing, feeling, experiencing, observing, analyzing, describing, presencing and facilitating Healing Energy Awareness for the purpose of wellbeing.

The BI is a new teaching organization for the study of ancient and modern subtle energy concepts integrated with psycho dynamics, the exploration of the electromagnetic field of human beings using hands-on, non local healing energy awareness facilitation techniques, extra sensory perception, paranormal abilities and psychotherapeutic personal transformation.

Whether you join this exciting new creative adventure for your personal development, transformation and wellbeing or to become a professional facilitator, or to complement your existing profession, the Beingness Institute offers you a holistic physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual adventure.

Each being in our universe is unique. The Beingness Institute profoundly respects and honors this diversity and encourages its manifestation and for all longing to Live who they truly are in a communal teaching and learning setting.

Announcing 5 programs of Professional & Personal Development Education in Healing Energy Awareness

1. Professional Healing Energy Facilitator (PHEF)

2. Professional Healing Energy Therapist (PHET)

3. Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing (PDTW)

4. Advanced Personal Development, Transformation and Wellbeing (APDTW)

5. Professional Healing Energy Awareness Teacher (PHEAT)


Each school week will start on Friday morning and end on Tuesday afternoon. The dates for the 2017-2018 academic year are as follows:

1st week:  September 29 – October 3, 2017

2nd week:  November 24-28, 2017

3rd week:  January 19-23, 2018

4th week:  March 23-27, 2018

5th week:  May 25-29, 2018



Sanremo, Italy on the Ligurian Coast

Grand Hotel & Des Anglais

Salita Grand Albergo, 8

18038 Sanremo IM, Italy

Sanremo Train Station: 2.5 km from hotel

Airports: 60 km from Nice or 140 km from Genoa